Wolf Traps


Book Review for The Times Literary Supplement TLS

Archaeology and the Israel-Palestine conflict


Despite the seismic changes occurring throughout the greater Middle East, the Israel-Palestine conflict seems frozen in amber. The politicisation of archaeology by both sides merely reinforces the status quo, or so argues Jennifer Wallace.

It’s just like undressing a woman


What draws scholars to grubbing around in the dirt under the blazing sun and sifting soil for shards of pottery? To find out, Jennifer Wallace joined an archaeological dig in Israel

Between good and evil


Andre Brink is helping to rear his black maid’s child. Her life, he tells Jennifer Wallace, encapsulates South Africa’s tensions – explored in his new novel.

Academia go f**k yourself


In his latest novel, David Mamet sets his sights on literature teachers and universities, which, he tells Jennifer Wallace, ‘exist independent of any possible utility’.

Deconstructing Gayatri


Can Gayatri Spivak’s ‘pretentiously opaque’ writing make a difference in the real world? Jennifer Wallace talks to an academic who has eaten mice and snakes in rural India.